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Contao 3.5.21 is available

Contao version 3.5.21 is available. The bugfix release fixes the security vulnerability CVE-2016-10074, which was found in SwiftMailer, a third-party software we are using in Contao.

Contao 4.3.1 is available

Contao version 4.3.1 is available. The bugfix release fixes several minor back end problems with e.g. the custom layout sections or the file upload. In addition, the changes from Contao 3.5.20 have been ported.

Contao 3.5.20 is available

Contao version 3.5.20 is available. The bugfix release fixes a problem with displaying running repeated events and with sorting pages in the page picker. In addition, a potential XSS weakness found and reported by Pascal Gerundt has been fixed.

Contao 4.3.0 is available

Contao version 4.3.0 is available. The feature release includes more flexible custom layout sections, a "save and duplicate" button, an image service and the possibility to exchange the form template. Additionally, the back end theme and the HTTP/2 support have been improved.

Contao 3.5.19 is available

Contao version 3.5.19 is available. The bugfix release fixes a problem with rebuilding the search index and with redirecting to the home page, if the language is not part of the URL. Also, two performance optimizations have been implemented, which greatly reduce the number of database queries in the event list and on pages, which are not marked as language fallback.